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Questions you guys always ask us about.....

Señor Lopez the brand.....

Señor Lopez himself is a native Californian surfer dude.  In 1972 he left California and headed to Mexico for 6 months in search of the perfect wave. 

Bringing back to California with him a cotton pullover hoodie he’d purchased near the surf-town of Puerto Escondido, he not only had an obsession to return to Mexico to surf...but to then also put his design and artistic abilities to use producing the perfect surf hoodie to sell to surf shops back home in California.

Since those early days in 1972 Señor Lopez hoodies have been sold in the best specialty surf stores across America and today his products are sold in more than 1000 locations throughout America alone.  And now, for the first time, here in New Zealand.  

Señor Lopez USA is based in California...while we, here at Señor Lopez NZ, are based in the Waikato.

All Señor Lopez products are made in Mexico...and have been since 1972!    

The fit, colours and patterns are still carefully designed by Señor Lopez himself, and are still made where he started back in 1972…in Mexico.  All fabric is washed, softened, and pre-shrunk before use so we guarantee  you get the fit you buy…not a random surprise with the ‘infamous first wash’.  There’s also no fading, no colour runs and no stretching.

2019 marks 47 years in the business.  With an established history, collaborations with Billabong™, Quiksilver™, Roxy™ & Hurley™, and over 1000 surf and street-wear stores in the US stocking his products we reckon that’s a pretty good guarantee that you’re buying a superior product in comparison to other cheaper versions that may be out there.  You can trust that your Señor Lopez hoodie is still going to look great 5 years from now…and beyond! 


Our hoodies are all made of 50% cotton, 25% acrylic & 25% polyester.  

The more interesting fact is that they're made from recycled t-shirt fabric!  However, we're not just using garbage or old fabrics but high quality cutting-excess that would otherwise go to the dump.  The excess is sorted by colors, cut into long strips and then woven into threads.   The threads are then woven into fabric...and the fabric is then cut and sewn into our hoodies and blankets!

purchasing & Shipping.....

The largest selection is available right here on the website.  But if you happen to be in New Zealand, at either Raglan or Whitianga, pop into one of the EyeSpy stores there and one of the staff will be happy to help you out!  

The Raglan store is located at 5 Wainui Road.

The Whitianga store is located at 28 Albert Street. 

Waiting around for ages to get stuff you've bought shipped out to you is a pain and no fun for anybody so we try to ship your item within 24 hours max.  If you purchase before 11am Mon-Fri we'll even try to get it sent the same day if we can.  Orders placed after 11am on a Friday will be shipped out the next business day (Monday).   

We get it.  You've made your purchase, you're pretty hyped to get it asap and you just want to know how long the wait's going to be before you can rip open the parcel...right?

Once your purchase leaves our warehouse our NZ and Australian customers should receive their parcels within 1-3 business days depending on whether we're delivering to you at an urban or rural address.  

For our USA customers: please allow 2-4 days for delivery.

For our UK and European customers: please allow 3-5 days for delivery. 


You never used the sizing chart???  We've done that too...and we know from experience that there's nothing worse than finally getting to rip open that parcel and realising your awesome new purchase doesn't fit.  Luckily, we know the importance of providing a quick and hassle-free fix!  Simply get in touch with us at, let us know you didn't use the sizing chart (really?) and we'll run you through the details on sending it back for an exchange so you're good-to-go again in the RIGHT size asap!

Please note: the courier costs of the exchange fall with the customer so make sure you use that sizing chart the first time!

No one wants to give a gift that isn't quite right.  Contact us asap at and we'll let you know how to arrange a quick and hassle-free exchange. 

Misc stuff

Hmmm.....okay then.  But only if you're a New Zealand or Australian customer.   Simply choose 'LayBuy' or 'AfterPay' at checkout as your payment option (you'll see both options when you get there) and we'll send your parcel out within 24 hours, or the next business day...whichever comes first.   

With 'Laybuy' you'll pay 6 equal payments of your total purchase amount, spread over 6 weeks.

With 'AfterPay', you'll pay 4 equal payments of your total purchase amount, spread over 4 weeks.

Oh, and there's no interest, no hidden costs or any additional fees of any kind.  Too easy!